Ouachita Valley Dog Training Club Inc

Puppy class is important for your dog to learn social skills with other dogs and people.† For first timers, the class fee is $75.00.† We meet for one hour each week, for eight (8) weeks.† If you plan to attend, please respond so forms may be prepared and emailed for your completion.

To reserve a spot in a class, mail a $10 NonRefundable deposit to:
P. O. Box 2432
West Monroe, LA† 71294

On a separate piece of paper, write your name, your contact information, including e-mail address and in which class you would like to enroll.† About a week before the class begins, someone will contact you.†† You may also email info@ovdtc.org.††

Obedience Classes

 Canine Good Citizen Obedience Class will start Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 6:00 PM; contact Therese Flemming for more information at dogwoodacres55@yahoo.com

 Rally Obedience Class (begins July 6, 2016 @ 6:15 p.m.); contact Christa Medaries for more information and to register at cmrm62@bellsouth.net.† (Last chance before the OVDTC Obedience/Rally Trial to be held August 27-28, 2016.


If you are interested in any of these classes, it is not too late to sign up!† Please contact the class instructors if you would like to participate.

Puppy Class Contact:

Patty Hilburn









Puppy Kindergarten Class


Contact Patty Hilburn

 318-323-9229 (Home)

 318-372-9229 (Cell)

 goldens97@bellsouth.net (Email)

Puppies will be socialized with other dogs and people and introduced to the basics of obedience such as a sit-stay, walking on a leash, etc. Puppies will also get to play on puppy sized agility equipment to build confidence.† General topics of pet ownership will also be discussed such as chewing, housebreaking, barking, and others.

This class is for puppies between ten weeks and four months of age.† All puppies must have had at least two sets of boosters shots in order to attend this class.† Class limit:† 12 dogs

8 weeks


Rally Obedience Class






Beginner I Obedience

Contact Mona Fordham, mfordham@mulhearncorp.com





The course will introduce the dogs to all of the basic obedience commands such as sit-stays, down-stays, sit for exam, walking on a loose leash, etc.† Behavioral problems will also be discussed.

This class is intended for older puppies and adult dogs just starting an obedience program.† Dogs that are older than 5 months should enter this class.† Dogs must be current on all vaccinations.† Class limit:† 15 dogs.

9 weeks

$90.00 (includes collar and leash)

Beginner II/CGC



This class is intended for older puppies and adults dogs.† It continues the instruction provided in Puppy and Basic.† The basic obedience principles will be taught in greater detail.† The focus of this class will be the exercises outlined in AKCís Canine Good Citizen program.† Graduation from this class is an evaluation by a Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

This class is open to dogs that have graduated from the Beginner I class, dogs owned by handlers with prior recent obedience experience, or dogs that have been evaluated by the instructor.† Class limit:† 12 dogs.

8 weeks

$90.00 (includes CGC Test)



This class is intended for members planning on competing at the Novice level in AKC obedience.† All Novice exercises will be taught.

Dogs completed Beginner II/CGC Class.†† Class limit:† 10 people

8 weeks


Novice II

This is a continuation class for those students previously enrolled at this level.

Dogs must have Novice I obedience.† In order to be eligible to test in, a member must have good off lead control over their dog.† Class limit:† 10 people

8 weeks


Beginning Open

This class is for people who intend to show their dogs at the AKC Open level in the hopes of attaining the Companion Dog Excellent title.† All Open exercises will be taught, including the retrieve.

Must have excellent off lead control over dog.† Must have good of lead heeling skills and good attention skills.†† Class limit:† 8 people

8 weeks


Advanced Open

This is an advanced competition class for dogs currently working the Open exercises.

A reliable retrieve is required.† Dogs entering this class must demonstrate their ability to retrieve. Strong attention skills are required prior to this class.† Class limit:† 8 people

8 weeks


Beginning Utility

This class is intended for students who are just introducing the Utility exercises.

A reliable retrieve is required.† Dogs should also have strong attention skills.† Maximum number of students:† 5.

8 weeks



This class will focus on problem-solving and addressing the individual needs of dogs prior to utility competition.

This class is intended for students with dogs that are currently working all of the Utility exercises.† Class limit;† 5 students.

8 weeks


Advanced Utility

This class is intended for advanced utility dogs.

In order to be eligible for this class, the dog must be capable of working all Utility exercises or the handler must have previously put a UD on a dog.† Class limit:† 5 people.

8 weeks