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Agility Classes

AGILITY CLASS:  Suzanne Laird and Jennifer Cooper will begin a new Foundations of Agility class in late October.  the tentative date is October 23, 2017.  The class will cover basic, beginner agility skills including handline exercises, tunnels and low-to-the-ground contact obstacles.  This class will meet every Monday night at 7:30 pm at the Agility field at Pine Hills Veterinary Clinic, 9063 Cypress Street, West Monroe, LA  71291.  The class will last 8 weeks and the cost is $90.  PLEASE Register by emailing Suzanne at slaird61@yahoo.com.






Introduction to individual obstacles with focus on accuracy, speed, and attitude.  All obstacles will be introduced in their basic form and work on individual obstacles will include run bys, sends, call throughs, off set starts, and approach angles.

For dogs and puppies 4 months and older.  Dog must be current on all vaccinations.  Limit 15 dog/handler teams.

9 weeks

Beginner Agility

More individual obstacle work adding difficulty and distance.  All contact obstacles will remain low to insure safety and allow for continued work on speed and accuracy.  Straight line sequencing and individual obstacle proofing introduced

Dogs must have completed pre-novice or be evaluated by the agility instructor.  Excellent performance of all obstacles necessary.  Beginning I Obedience Class or evaluation by one obedience instructor and agility instructor required.  Limit 18 dog/handler teams.

8 weeks

Intermediate Agility

Increasing difficulty in straight line sequences.  Introduction to directional and side changes.  Introduction to full height contacts.

Dogs must have completed Beginner Agility or be evaluated by the agility instructor.  Limit 18 dog/handler teams.

8 weeks

Novice Competition Class

Focus on building those skills necessary to compete in the novice or open class at an official trial.  Skills include handling maneuvers, distance work, obstacle discrimination, independent obstacle performance, proofing, course evaluation, handling strategies, and course design.

Completion of Intermediate Agility Class or evaluation by the agility instructor.  Dog and handler must demonstrate a working knowledge of the sit, down, recall, and stay.  This is an ongoing class and teams will remain in this class until the necessary skills are polished to competition form and the class level exercises no longer present a challenge to either handler or dog.


Advanced Competition

Focus on proofing and advanced handling skills.  Class will follow an interactive format with class members encouraged to design exercises to address their personal weaknesses and present the exercises to the class.

This is an ongoing class for those students who have perfected all of the novice competition class skills.